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AM Thursday, September 4, 2014

Spectacular PR Win for Small Law Firm's Eldercare Litigation;
Securing Top-Right-Hand Page in The New York Daily News;
in the Toughest and Most Competitive News Market in the U.S.


"Nanny Cam" Video Catches Home Healthcare Worker;
A "Made for Tabloid" Story, With TV Legs


The New York Daily News print and online exclusive also sparked five-plus valuable
on-camera NYC local TV news appearances for plaintiffs attorney in a state court suit.
PRforLAW's elder abuse lawsuit announcement included video we edited and captioned.
The attorney, and his firm were showcased to hundreds of thousands of readers and viewers.

Read how we made big news for yet another small law firm.

Read The New York Daily News exclusve report.


We Negotiate Back-to-Back Exclusives In NY and NJ Newspapers and
Create and Launch a Case-Specific Website to Cap Eight-Month Investigation
On Behalf of Family of 21-Year-Old CJ Student Found Dead in Atlantic City


Was Volunteer Firefighter Son Forced or Lured into Using Drugs That Killed Him
in Motel Room Five Blocks from Tropicana Where He was Registered?


Did Police Inadequately Investigate, Assuming Just Another Drug Addict Died?

»For more than three years Kevin Sr. and Theresa McDevitt of Tuxedo Park, New York hit brick walls, unable to get police, prosecutors, or the news media to fully investigate circumstances surrounding their son's strange 2010 multi-drug death in Atlantic City. They never wavered from the belief that Kevin, Jr. ever used hard drugs, or was an habitual drug user.

In early 2014, Kevin Sr., found Richard Lavinthal via the Vidocq Society website. For a decade, while Lavinthal served as the spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office and later the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice. the former wire and AM daily news reporter directed communications pro bono for Vidocq, the Philadelphia-based private homicide-investigating organization.

More than $6,000 was charged to the dying / dead man's debit / credit card. State criminal cases involving an alleged human trafficker, a convicted prostitute and an alleged prostitute may be resolved soon and the McDevitts fear they will never know what really happened to their son.

This was our most intensive investigative effort. We devoted hundreds of hours looking into the circumstances, running down leads across the U.S., emailing and talking with contacts in government and the private sector around the U.S. We also developed a 30-page timeline incorporating bank, ATM, telephone, and loss prevention timing. Throughout the process we kept in almost daily touch with the family. On August 31st our website for the case was launched and the exclusive news interviews we negotiated for the family ran in print and online newspapers in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Middletown, New York.

Read Behind the Scenes: How PRforLAW, LLC handled this heartbreaking, long-term assignment, by developing a media strategy, sifting though a mass of information, speaking with scores of people, negotiating media exclusives in two states timed to run back-to-back concurrently with the launch of a new website on the fourth anniversary of the 21-year-old volunteer firefighter and criminal justice major's death to help his grieving family find answers.


Boston Marathon Aftermath: Dias Kadyrbayev

Dias Kadyrbayev, an exchange student from Kazakhstan studying at U Mass at Dartmouth, was taken into custody and then charged with obstruction in connection with the Boston Marathon aftermath.

For Kadyrbayev and other high-profile cases, PRforLAW, LLC provides when-needed media relations support for criminal defense attorney Robert G. Stahl, whose Law Offices of Robert G. Stahl, LLC maintains offices in New York and New Jersey.

More About How We Are Helping The Stahl Law Offices of Robert G. Stahl, LLC
With This Internationally Covered Boston Marathon Aftermath Case.


When your firm and your client face an upcoming major-case milestone you have just one chance to influentially frame your breaking news message, to maximize or minimize news coverage, to advocate for your client, and to showcase your legal skills. And with literally hundreds of news delivery entities out there you must target the right media for your message.

Before you send out a news release no editor reads, call PRforLAW at 202-596-1176 for a no-cost brief discussion of the possibilities and pitfalls in your upcoming case milestone. We concentrate on breaking news for lawyers and law firms; our assignments are short term; and we do not seek long-term commitments.

No one in the U.S. has Richard Lavinthal's legal communications experience on all sides of civil and criminal matters. We leverage that experience expeditiously and cost-effectively for your filing, settlement, guilty plea, etc. and then, as project-based niche agency move on to help our next client.

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